Helping to make the world a better place for those with Autism.

Radcliffe Is The Reason And Arthur Too! Fight For Autism

Presenting a check to Community Resources to sponsor Dr. Temple Grandin to speak at their annual conference.

Meet our Committee.

The Committee is very pleased to announce that the organization has donated $1000 to Team Jessica, Inc. which is a local non-profit organization that is working to build a playground for children with all abilities in the Belchertown community. Our donation during a recent fundraiser helped them reach their fundraising goal of $50,000. We are excited to see two great non-profits working together to accomplish a worthy goal.

How the funds we raise are put to work:

This is LJ, one of 7 children in his family. LJ, is only 11 years old and has a twin sister. A few years ago we met LJ after he was diagnosed with autism. We provided in-home behavioral supports for LJ and his family and resources around autism. Recently, LJ was also diagnosed with a rare disease, ROHADD and he has spent most of the following years fighting the illness and in hospitals. Only 80 people in the WORLD have ever had this disease. LJ and his family had left a big footprint on our hearts and this holiday, our organization joined up with Radcliffe is the Reason and Arthur Too! Fight for Autism to brighten their holiday. We learned that all LJ has wanted was a WiiU, something that he can play with when restricted to his bed. Thanks to a donation by Radcliffe is the Reason and Arthur Too! we were able to make his holiday dream come true. We also were able to help out with other needs the family had for the holiday. We are so grateful for community donations and the donation from Radcliffe is the Reason and Arthur Too! that allow us to bring joy and relief to the families that depend on us.

mission Statement

Our Organization supports a 3-Tiered Mission:

  • Raise public awareness about autism spectrum disorders and its effects on individuals, families and communities.
  • Fund programs that provide information and practical help for individuals with autism and their families.
  • Fund research to find the causes, prevention, effective treatments, and ultimately a cure for Autism.

Our founder

About Us:

Radcliffe is the Reason & Arthur Too! Fight for Autism was founded in 2007 by Radcliffe and Gina Kenison.  The Organization was named in honor of their 2 severely autistic sons. While dealing with the daily trials of raising their boys, Radcliffe and Gina wanted to make a difference for others whose lives have been touched by autism.  They began in 2004 by fundraising for Autism Speaks, and raised over $125,000 for that organization over the years. But they also felt the need to do something more local and personal. They wanted to help families and communities dealing with the day to day challenges that they face.

And so, Radcliffe is the Reason and Arthur Too! Fight for Autism was formed.  With funds raised by their annual Charity Golf Tournament and Dinner , The Committee decides how to use the proceeds. Most funds stay local in the Greater Springfield community. The funds are used both for individual and community needs.  Some of our donations include:  iPads for several autistic individuals,  kitchen equipment for a new Life Skills room in a local school, and sponsoring a bus driver education class regarding special needs children.

The Committee also  networks with other local organizations such as Autism Connections and the local chapter of Special Olympics to identify where funds are most needed.

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President Radcliffe Kenison presenting a check to Tracy Goff for Westfield Schools. Funds were used to set up a special sensory room for students at Westfield.